A design chalet in La Plagne

The design chalet du Bois Melay in La Plagne 1800 boasts a remarkable and refined decoration, with carefully selected elements to add charm and elegance to each space.

One of the most impressive features is the chandelier created by renowned designer Tristan Michel, which graces the living room. This central piece captures everyone's attention and creates a magical ambiance with its bright and spectacular design. This monumental chandelier, custom-made for this design chalet, seems to bring the forest inside the living room, extending its beauty and allure.

A beautiful Rameau piano (tuned, of course) is present in one of the chalet's lounges, providing an artistic and musical touch to the space. This instrument adds a note of elegance and charm, inviting music enthusiasts to express their musical passion during their stay.

The chalet's library, filled with carefully selected books, offers guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in captivating reading or unwind with an interesting book on topics such as mountains, architecture, design, or French literature. The library adds a touch of intellectual sophistication and creates a space conducive to relaxation and reflection.

The chalet's bathrooms are also adorned with carefully chosen antique mirrors, adding a touch of elegance and refinement. These mirrors reflect natural light and create a soothing and luxurious atmosphere in the bathing areas.

Furthermore, each bedroom in the chalet is equipped with personalized lighting, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. These custom lights accentuate the unique features of each room and allow guests to create an ambiance that matches their preferences and mood.

Rejuvenate in a design chalet.

A design and artsy chalet

Architecture, design, and curation... Chalet du Bois Melay is designed as a perfect balance between architecture, furniture design, and the curation of objects and artworks.

The goal is to provide elegant, comfortable, and modern spaces for a high-end experience.

Under the direction of Mr. Hormozi from the French Home Design architectural firm, the architecture has created generous and welcoming volumes, seamlessly integrating the chalet into its natural outdoor environment.

The refined decoration and collection of contemporary artworks, selected by the chalet's founder, bring a unique character to this sublime setting. The encounter with artists who paint the mountains with warmth, delicacy, and passion was decisive in the choice of artworks.

Overall, the decorative elements of the design chalet are carefully selected to offer a unique aesthetic experience. Each detail contributes to creating a warm, elegant, and inviting atmosphere for the guests.

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